Friday, April 24, 2009

Since I Know You

since i know u,
we start with being a friend,
so sudden i feel something,
a feeling that i lost before,
a feeling that i wont to feel it any more,
just because a guy,
since i met you,
i feel a stupid feeling that i was ignore it,
and i try for times to hate it,
but i can’t,
what the hell of that stupid feeling?
why must i fall in love again?
i hate my self coz of loving you,
coz i know you r not loving me any more,
i hate my self coz i cant take you out of my mind,
i hate my self coz i cant stop thinking of you,
i hate my self coz i cant stop loving you,
even i have try,
but i cant..
why must i love you?
why must i know you?
tell me why?
there are no reason to tell you..
why i love you..
coz the true love is when we dont understand and know why we love some one..
and i will love you..
till end of the day..
till God pleasure me to loving you…..
you are the one that i always thinking now and always

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